About Christie

Hi! I’m Christie. Also known as “ChatterBox Christie” in most social (media) circles. I’m a creative writer and marketing strategy consultant. I help businesses tell their stories with informative, engaging, and entertaining content. When I’m not helping businesses tell their stories, I’m telling my own. My adventures in travel, food, love, and life can be found on ChatterBoxChristie.com and on my social profiles (links above). Let's schedule some time to chat about your content needs.


Christie Glascoe is a professional of the utmost. She is reliable and dependable. Her talents are far to many to name. She goes above and beyond in her duties while keeping a fun atmosphere. She i... Read more →
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Christie is a master when it comes to engaging storytelling. Everything she writes draws the reader in and makes you think about what you just read. She is the type of project leader you want on yo... Read more →
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